Sunday, March 9, 2014

February 23, 2014

The weeks are so fast! Thank you so much for the package! I love everything in it! The snacks, the underclothes :) haha, the cards and puzzles, and the pictures. I loved the pictures. I didn't know some of those existed. I can tell Emily picked all those out. She sends all the ugly ones of me. My favorite is the Mexican one with our hats off. Soooo ugly. But it really made my day. I still look at those and laugh. Sometimes when you're out here, doing the same thing everyday, you forget what you were like before. It was good to remind myself what I freak I am. Thanks for that!
Let's see, what happened this week?
1. There's this really creepy investigator in Home for the Blind. We taught him once because he was listening in on another lesson and seemed interested. Now every time he sees us, he follows us and just joins every lesson in Home for the Blind uninvited. Everyone knows each other there so I guess it's fine, but it's so weird. We walk in and he just follows. And he only ever says my name. He's like, "Maayong hapon sister Watkins" no Sister Dequina. And when we invited him to church, "Can Sister Watkins come pick me up for church?" So creepy! And he looks creepy with dreadlocks. So we always try to lose him when he starts following us. We walk fast then run as soon as we turn the corner. That happened Saturday night. We were going to Home for the Blind for an appointment, but the family was in the middle of eating. On the way there we saw him, but his back to us. So we quietly snuck past him. Then one of the little kids yelled "Kanak!" which means American. So we're like crap, now he knows. So without looking back we just started walking fast down the street. 
When we got halfway down we looked behind us and he was there, at the beginning of the street walking as fast as he could without running. AHH! So we booked it when we turned the corner and ran to a member's home. He's so creepy! But everyone says in Home for the Blind that he's so nice. So maybe he is and just really wants the gospel...
2. I got pooped on by a bat during one of our lessons. It was gross. It pooped on my skirt and peed in my hair. I couldn't see it but it was up sleeping in one of the trees. So fun. That's the second time that's happened!
3. So I've learned here that soda makes me kind of sick. They always give us coke at the meals and I used to feel a little sick at the beginning of my mission because I usually never have soda. I was always bubbly and bloated. So I finally cut soda out and feel much better. But this week one of our investigators (really poor) decided to be really nice and buy us both a half a liter of coke and expected us to finish it while at his house. I finished it and just prayed that I wouldn't get sick. Sister Dequina tried to be sneaky and dump hers out. I think they noticed though. Why would the ground be wet right underneath her? Unless she peed... Sometimes, some people just don't think. Then at another house they gave us a whole big glass of sprite. So much soda! But I think I was blessed to not get sick and not have to go to the bathroom before I went home. It's crazy, the simple little blessings we receive here. 
4. I ate a guava. It was disgusting. It wasn't the pink kind. And I didn't like it.
5. I played the piano at the funeral and all went well. Even when the musical number violinist opens his hymnbook and points to a hymn and asks me to play it - in the middle of the meeting. That doesn't freak me out. Gosh. I really should have practiced more before I left. Oh well. It turned out all right. I just sight read it and played only half of the left hand notes. Tell Emily to keep practicing the piano. It will come in handy!
6. Huge spider was running around in our house. It was running towards my feet and I kind of screamed and ran. Then used to the broom to get it out. They are so big here!! Then a huge huge bee flew into our house. I'll try to send a picture of it. All the bugs here are so big!
That's about it. I love you all and hope this week was fun to read. I'll talk to you all next week! have a good sunday night!
Love, Sister Watkins

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