Monday, January 13, 2014

January 12, 2014

Hello Everyone!
This week was great. Sister Dequina has been out so long she knows how to organize everything and make sure we get people ready for baptism. Before, Sister Nielson and I were tying to take care of everyone at the same time. And that didn't really work. Now we have a baptism this Saturday! An old lonely man that came up to us a month ago and asked us what we were doing. He looked and acted a little weird, so we didn't know if he was special needs or not (he lives in Home for the Blind, which has a lot of special needs) so we just gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet. The next time we saw him he taught us all about what he learned from the pamphlet and committed to live it, and he has ever since. We walked him to church that Sunday and has attended ever since. There's a recent convert that has fellowshipped him. It's awesome. But I think that recent convert had been praying for a friend because no one fellowshipped him at church he always walks to church by himself and sits by himself. But we now found a friend for him! He's really excited for his baptism. We also have two families that we're teaching that we're really excited about. It's hard to find full families to teach. But they're really receptive and interested.
So this week has been FREEZING!!! What is this? The ice age again? I have to carry my blanket around the apartment because it's so cold. And if it's cold for me, the Filipinos here are just dying. They are all getting sick - they're not used to this weather. They've never experienced weather this cold before. The worst part is the water. Because the nights are so cold now, the water in the morning for showering is FLIPPING FREEZING!!! I try to just put my hair in, but that doesn't work. Oh it's so painful. But I'm too lazy to boil water and put it in a bucket and have a bucket shower. That's what Sister Dequina does every morning though. It has also been raining everyday. So going out to work has been hard because no one wants to hear us "it's raining" they say. Yeah, so what? haha. It's also hard for them to go to church when it's raining. They just use rain as an excuse for everything. But it kind of makes sense. It was a downpour. It's also hard during lessons because it's so loud!
Yesterday we had a brownout all day. They were trying to fix the power lines. So during church we had to turn on the generator. The church building is so advanced here compared to everything else. 
Anyway, what else? Today we're going to the market to buy a lot of fruits and vegetables. Sister Dequina has been giving me new fruits and vegetables to try. It's been fun. I feel a lot healthier now that I'm buying vegetables instead of packaged snacks. That's all for this week. Just missionary work and cold weather and electricity going out. I've realized that I need to work on understanding the language better. I can speak it, but can't understand it. Sister Dequina was getting a little annoyed that I couldn't understand but could speak. I had to explain to her that speaking and hearing use two different parts of the brain and that my speaking part developed faster. After that she doesn't judge me anymore. haha. Anyway, I'm out of time now, sorry I didn't have time to write a letter for Bishop. Is it too late if I do it next week? If anything, tell him that he was amazing with the youth and we all loved him. I love you all!
Love, Julie

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