Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 15, 2013

Hey, so I had mission conference yesterday that I didn't know about so I wasn't able to tell you last week that P-Day is today now. So sorry, hope you all weren't too stressed. 
So last week, right as I was sending the pictures, we had a brown out (a power-out/black-out) and it didn't get sent. They happen almost everyday now because of the storm earlier. They're fixing all the power lines. So we have to be creative in our cooking and just use candles. 
So this past week felt soooo long. I just had an interview with President Lopez yesterday with Sister Nielson and he asked us to teach him a lesson so he could see how well I was doing at the language and how well we are teaching. Talk about stress! haha but we did fine. Afterwards he was like "wow, you are doing really well at the language. I loved everything about it. You are confident but yet humble. I can tell this is a very strong companionship." We were so happy. We are doing so well together. I am just picking up the language so fast. We are finally getting the area to progress. Before I came no one was qualifying for baptism and they weren't reaching our goals. I wasn't okay with that so we've changed the whole way we go about things. Now we have like 23 new investigators, and like 30 potentials. It's great! And I've figured out a way to organize it all so we don't forget about anyone. Sister Nielson is just so happy, she says she's never had this kind of success before. We are just so busy now!
Ok, I'm going to go off on a few random tangents of things that I just think of, okay? okay.
So President loves my voice. He will not let me leave the mission home unless I sing a solo to everyone. I sang with a group for the special musical number earlier, but he wanted to hear me by myself. At every meeting he puts me on the agenda. I pretty much sing at every lesson too and every other district meeting. It's a little ridiculous. And it's harder to sing here. There's always something stuck in my throat because it's so humid. 
Um, everyone loves my nose here. It's different than everyone else's and they like to touch it. It's a little weird. 
I saw a huge spider. I'll send a picture. I finally got a picture this time. The first one a saw disappeared in 1 second and we freaked out. They run soooo fast here. Ah! And the kids play with the spiders. There's a black fat spider here that looks like a black widow that all the kids play with because they don't bite. Ew, so gross.
It's really easy to wake up here because the sun is already up at 6:30. It just gets dark early. 
So, this is for Emily, yesterday I got a real life fat joke to me. This guy wanted to make us pay extra for a trycicad ride (motocycle with a side thing) (they always try to make us Americans pay extra) and we finally got it down to a reasonable price, but he was like, "I was just thinking 30 pesos because you know, you are heavy, it's not good for my bike" hahah too funny. Especially because they can pile like 16 people in those things if people sit on the top and they don't complain about that. So rude. We're just fat Americans. 
I'm glad I ate a Gretel's house so many times, it really helped prepare me for the different food here. I've tried a lot of different things, I just don't ask what it is. But I love the fruit. There's pineapple and mango and coconut. A member just gave us two huge coconuts last night and we had to carry them home. Good thing we live with two Polynesians who know what to do with it. 
Um, what else? hmmm. Oh so this year we're focusing on teaching tithing so if anyone has a story about tithing, could you send it to me so I can share personal experiences in lessons?
Speaking of lessons, there's like this huge group of people in a neighborhood that like to listen to us. There's different people everytime so we just take role and keep count how many lessons they've heard. Hopefully they all come to church. If they do we could probably convert their entire neighborhood. It's so fun. It's so easy finding people here, they find us. People invite us to come in and talk to them. The hard part is keeping track of them all and getting them to progress. 
So I'm still getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I got like 20 new bites in the last week. Maybe I should put bug spray earlier than 4:00? haha. Well I'm actually going to try to get some pictures sent to you. If I think of some fun stories I'll just write again. I love you all so much! Palangga gid ko kamo!!
Love, Sister Watkins

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